Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Things Are Just Ducky!!

This is the new ducks in their temporary pond in the front yard. I wanted to tame them a bit before I took them to the big pond. They are definitely babies still they will flap their wings and you can see baby fuzz on them and they don't have long wing feathers either yet. They did let the girls just pet them today But they had to corner them first. They still peep too and when they get bigger they wont be very noisy either..

Here are the three little pigs!! In the next grazing spot. They are eating everything but the very top of the ragweed because they cant really reach it. When I stomped it down they went nuts and ate it while I was moving everything. They are so funny when they get moved to a new spot the smack and smack and grunt!

Today was our first day back to homeschooling it went really well except when we went outside for a little P.E. My darling oldest dumped me into the pond!!! then we had to get everything strapped down because its suppose to rain for 3 days! Oh Yee Haw! I also got 2 of the cows that look the most pregnant up by the house. The one that is the biggest was spooked by the horses and I couldn't get her through the gate with out everyone else coming too. So she is out still. I am sure it will be okay but you never know...


tree ocean said...

lol! great pix! The ducks love that water!!! OUr goose grew up without a pool and I bartered my boss for a deep black goose bucket for him this spring. I put him in it twice and he freaked out and fell out and ran around flapping!!! I told my son in charge of him not to worry he would go in in the hot weather! But he still hasn't! He sits by it and dips his bill for a bath or drink.

Good looking piggies!!! and good luck with the rain and the cows! I can see you out there in the dark and howling rain with a flashlight birthing calves!!! Please, no-but better than -20!

Evelyn said...

love the pix!
I just looked at the weather... they list 0.02 inches for you! lol!!! Hopefully it'll perk up the pasture enough to cut hay in a few weeks!

Tree ocean... these are Dexter cattle. You don't help them give birth close up, you do it w/ binoculars! Or, they come to show off their new calf in the morning.