Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sheep in the POND?!?!?

We went out to my brothers house to get our big truck tonight. When we got home I sent the girls out to check on a few things and one of them came running back saying there was a sheep in the pond!!!! Its our spotted Katahdin ewe! I don't know why or how! But I am thinking she got out and the dogs knew she was not where she should have been and tried to chase her back and she probably panicked and ran. Oldest DD had already pulled her out and she took off down towards where the neighbor's dog can get in still and I don't trust him to say the least! So we got her headed back up towards the house and into what we call the U. Its U shape around the house.. We thought to herd were into the tarp barn but she was having none of that!! She finally wedged herself between the fence and a hawthorn tree!(Thanks Sheep!) SO DD got the rope halter on her and we started pushing and pulling her towards the barn. Poor thing we probably freaked her out more!! She came straight up on her hind legs and caught DD in the nose. SO Kyle came out and helped us the rest of the way. She is in the tarp barn now and I hope she doesn't go into labor... Then when we were getting her settled in the barn I ran into a spider web!!! EEEEWWWW On my face no less!! I freaked and screamed like a little girl! Surprisingly hubby didn't laugh even though I did after I calmed down and realized I was okay!!!
SO she is in the barn where I can keep an eye on her for the night....Poor thing!


tree ocean said...

Oh good thing you found her! If it was a dog, you think they would have gone in the water after her.Hope she and DD are about the web they don't bother me as much as finding the spider on me!

Tonia said...

I think they had been in the water but she was going farther so they were sitting right in the drive by the pond and when we went out started barking like crazy. So its like they didnt know what else to do except keep an eye n her and wait for us!!!

Evelyn said...

Yea about the truck being done!!!

Poor girl, poor dogs, poor DD, Poor you!!!

Hopefully she's OK, if she hasn't gone into labor by now, she won't until she's ready?
I'll bet the dogs were feeling just awful! After the times the dogs have caught the neigbors dog, does he still come over?
DD did a very good job on getting the ewe out of the pond, to bad she got it in the nose for her efforts!
I know how it is to get spiderwebs in the face... I hate that! I don't so much mind them on me, but I hate webs on me.. they just feel so yucky!!!

Tonia said...

Neighbor dog tried to visit but he usually doesnt get to far!!As a matter of fact he headed up the drive this mroning and they chased him right back across the road Yeah dogs!!!
Happiness shortlived on the truck but its most likely something simple.
She hasnt went into labor yet she is laying out chewing her cud but I am going to keep her close for the night and let her back out with everyone tomorrow...

Evelyn said...

You'd think he'd just give up. He has his own pasture!