Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rain from Gustav

The rain from Gustav finally showed up! We got 4 inches in about 30 minutes in the rain gauge and more headed this way!! The ducks are loving it!! This in the front yard it was ankle deep.
This is rain coming off the roof. I caught the rain drops.
I cant help the rooster isnt smart enough to get under something instead stands by the truck hoping to not get wet?!?! Everyone else was under something but a few of these not so smart ones.
The LGD's Didn't go in anywhere either. I think they finally headed to the barn.. But Hey they needed a bath!! I am glad the house is on a hill!!!
Some chickens arent very smart at all......


Anonymous said...

Our ducks love the rain too, our LGD's aren't too fond of the rain anymore though so they go and hide in their pen until the rain stops some but they sure get muddy fast, LOL!

Evelyn said...

4 inches in 30min!!! That's a LOT of water!!! That cock does not look happy! But he certainly does look ready to loose his feathery coat & go in the freezer tho!
The LGD doesn't look very happy either. He might have needed a bath before, but he certainly does now!!!

tree ocean said...

I loved all the pics! I think rhodeisland reds are pretty dumb as chickens
PS love the look of your blog! I might have to do some fiddling with mine!