Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain and rain and more rain....

It rained last night after we went to bed... Okay not really rain but buckets full of water dumped on us!!! It was running every where. We are on the edge of a hollow called Goodwin Hollow. It was full! The ditches were full and overflowing. The creek was rolling and muddy brown. You usually can't see the creek much from the road and it was to the road and flowing down both sides.. We got almost 5 inches last night and other places got more. The pic is the end of the drive this morning at about 7am.

On the D.E. I thought they were eating it when I took it to the barn that first time and then I noticed they weren't eating as much but they were eating the sea kelp and other stuff. But what they did was eat a little bit of the plain D.E. and then pawed it everywhere. So I just have been questioning what I am doing with it.
This has been a rather eventful week!!!

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tree ocean said...

wow that is A LOT of water!!!!!