Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rain and more Rain.

As of last night we had gotten a total of 6 inches up here on the hill! Everything is Wet!!!
No not just wet, Soaked to the skin sopping drown a frog wet!!!! LOL It took a little longer for chores this morning because the chicken tent had to be fixed! again which I know its not going to hold up under massive amount of rain. Which Is why I am ready to get going on the chix mobile! But I can think faster then I can work! Anyone have that problem?? And then the day-to-day stuff gets in the way too. Family thinks they will die if they don't eat and then the house gets messy and well you get the picture!! LOL It will get done I know!

I did get a halter on Daisy the cow. She is increasing in Udder size, almost daily I can see a difference. She didn't mind the halter at all and was leading well this morning and she is very food oriented. When I went outside I called her and here she came at a fast little pregnant cow trot. I just Love these cows!! We have 3 total that are getting a good sized udder in just the last few days they have increased in size.. Yeah Babies!! The 3 first time mommas are also starting to get an udder. I haven't ever watched cows this close since I was younger!! LOL I didn't have much to do with them either!
Sun is trying to come out.... then it clouds up again but its not raining anymore just kind of misty. Glad for the rain but it needs to be done now!! LOL

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Evelyn said...

That's a LOT of water!!!

So there are 6 known pregnant cows... GREAT! That's 6 little beeves running around!

I just heard on the weather channel that there are parts of MO that got 11.65 inches!!! I bet their frogs are all drowned!!