Sunday, September 28, 2008


Anyways If you cant tell ragweed is really kicking my butt!! It has made me Ick all day!!!
I did get out at about sundown and took some pics of goats, sheep and roos!

First are the sheep bedded down for the night. The light colored Barbados is the one we are watching for babies!! It has to be soon when you see her from the front its like oooo poor thing but she just keeps bouncing along!!

Next is Handsome being .... well Handsome!!! LOL Apparently he was smelling something!!

And here is Dottie my Nubian/Boer cross she was out of the very first goat my mom brought home and when she sold the rest and kept Dottie and her mom Polly we lost Polly due to inexperience and parasites. Dottie is an amazingly robust girl!! Has babies no problem and very rarely needs wormed!! 1st babies were twins and girls 2nd year twin boys. So this next year twin Boy and Girl!!!LOL Makes sense don't it??? She was fighting for attention in the pic. Gina my rescue girl was underneath my hand and Dottie was there and in the background you can see Ethel one of Dottie's girls trying to get a pet in there too!!
The Roos roosting in the tree. There are actually about 10 roos in there and they roost there every night!!
We are going to have visitors this week!! Looking forward to it! Also Dinah goes in to get spayed. It will be so fun loading her!!! We are also going to a swap meet I will have to take pictures.... I am sure they will let me!! I am excited! Have a good night!


tree ocean said...

great pix! Hope you are feeling better!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Just found your it! Great farm pics.