Monday, September 22, 2008

OOOO Is it MONDAY Or What???

Got up this morning and let the girls sleep in for another 30 minutes... So I was making coffee taking my time and looked out the window and the gate to the U was knocked down flat!?!? So then I notice on of my milk girls is limping... And the horses are in the U!! Apparently the thought 12 acres wasn't enough and they needed to be in the U where there is not much to eat and the milk girls get first dibs in there anyways!! So I get the girls up and we get going for the morning rush.. DD with rabbits comes in and starts telling me how her rabbit is losing hair around her face, ears and neck. She has problems with mites alot. Which After we get her from my MIL I find out oh yeah by the way Mini-Rex rabbits have trouble with mites alot?!?! Oh Great! So We take all cages down and clean real good other 2 rabbits are fine. We oil her down to help with the mites.
In the process next DD says we have a dead chicken!!! It was one I noticed yesterday that wasn't real active. It was a rooster from same DD that has the rabbits. Of course all her chickens she bought would have ended up being a rooster!! So to many roos and they killed this one is my guess. We removed all roos from the hen pen But the big one.. Some of the roos destined for the freezer had slipped back in when we weren't looking!! So back the one big guy and little silkies who we are not sure who is roos and who are hens!
So now the girls and I have gotten rabbit cages cleaned and the horses back where they belong .. Dead chicken moved out and fresh hay in the chicken pen. Goat is okay not nothing serious from what I can see. My actual plans for the day were Organizing the living room before it falls in on us!!!LOL Where did I go wrong????


tree ocean said...

*HUGS* I had a completely screwed up day as well-I might blog about it later!

Evelyn said...
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Evelyn said...

I'm sooo sorry!
I had a wonderful day. Went in for minor outpatient surgery to remove a cyst that started to hurt. But, traffic was light both there & back & that's always a GOOD thing in Los Angeles!!!
Glad you were able to get everyone back where they belonged, hopefully they'll stay there!
Try DE for the mites, or pineshaving bedding. I know for chickens, hay & straw bedding is a haven for mites. But, the pine shavings have turpentine in them that kills mites. If you sprinkle the rabbits w/ DE & work it into the fur, it should kill he mites. Spread it around the bedding & cages as well.