Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New hay and other stuff...

Sometimes I have trouble coming up with titles for my blog entries !! LOL But here is what went on today...

First I let the ducks out to go to the pond.. They headed away up the hill away from the pond! LOL So I herded them back down the hill... And into the water they went!! I think there may be 2 drakes and 2 ducks... I don't know really.. LOL I am just giving it a good guess!

We also had the first load of hay delivered. Unfortunately we have had to buy hay which is a shame because we should have had more than enough... But anyways here is a pic of some of that hay.. oooooo aaaah so nice and Round shaped!!!

I wish I had time to go sit on the bank and watch the ducks!LOL


tree ocean said...

I would want to sit and watch the ducks too!

I have mixed luck with taking moon photos. Easier just before full as there is still some background light when it is rising. I use the night setting. Better with a tripod as most of mine come up with double images as the exposure is so long.

On the last one I went out too late so most did not come out well. This one posted I used "quick fix" in one of my photo programs to make it lighter.

Evelyn said...

I soooooo much wish I could go out & watch the ducks in the pond!!!

That pond looks really full! Is that the dam that the ducks are swimming toward? Looks like it's only about 6" above the water! There's some seed heads sticking out from the water on the right & what looks like a tiny island on the left?

If there are 2 drakes, that'd be too bad. But, should give more genetic diversity down the road?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the ducks are having a good time in the pond, we don't use round bales here.