Monday, September 8, 2008


I always have a tendency to over sleep on Mondays!! Despite the 45 crowing roos! I hate that because then it sets me behind for the day. The milkers get mad at me and cause a raucous! The Meat roos try to over run everyone and take control of the farm!!! Even though their time on this earth in feathered form is Short!!! LOL
SO I got out and took a few pics. Cows, goats, and sheep are not cooperating and are over the hill hiding! Stinkers! Speaking of goats My oldest girl(guinea hen girl) thought one was dying or something this morning! So we go running out up the hill in the top 8..... It was the little buck trying to romance a big girl and she wasn't having anything to do with him!! He is very high pitched and you cant help but Laugh at his efforts! Poor thing we will give him a complex if we aren't careful!

We did hear from our family in Baton Rouge and as of Friday they still had no electric. But all was fine besides that.

So On with pics!! Top Pic is The roos waiting on me this morning!! Pretending to be patient for picture taking purposes only!!

Then we have Ms.Bossy I have left off the Bacon since she will be the one to have next years bacon!! They ate the stuff down in the pen in a day and a half!! they are really liking it.. so I let them out in the corral hoping maybe they have gotten to big to fit through previous holes still hidden from me by weeds.I will move the pen later!! I should have taken a pic of the 2 Huge garden spiders dangling from the panels! I just about laid my hand on one yesterday. That would have made me Scream!! Anyways If the pigs do find holes they are the easiest animals to get in bucket of scrap or even a plastic bag in my hand brings them running.. One has been fascinated with my crocs I wear for chores I am afraid he will take a bit out of them if I don't watch it!!

Then we have the ducks. They weren't real sure about their little shelter when Kyle first put it in there. Looked at it like an alien had landed in their pen!! But have since adjusted to it and are happy with their new place..

Does anyone know what this weed is? Its everywhere! I have never heard a name for it that I remember!


Evelyn said...

Too cute about the ducks! That's a good looking duck house! Very portable... good thing! Is anyone (dogwise) taking to the ducks?

Good looking chix too! Are they good 'n meaty? Are they keeping the flies down, or is the weather doing that? You've gotten so much rain!

Tell the cows to line up better for pix! Is Daisy getting freindlier? The image of her troting a pregnant trot is so funny!

Hopefully the pigs are happy. Great that they're growing so quick! Means they've got good eats. The seed bank in that corral has got to be sooooo full! Years worth of feed! They'll keep it from reseeding &when it's exhausted, the corral can be scraped & spread on the pasture.
Spiny Amaranth
The sheep like it & the goats are willing to nibble on it.
Also the burdock root is edible as a veggie, give it a try. The pigs like it as well, from what I've read.

tree ocean said...

Thanks Evelyn for the comment on the Scots highland a few comments back.

Also for defining the weed-I was going to guess pigweed or lambsquarters (couldn't tell from the pic)

Great pix Tonia! LOL about the goat yelling.

Evelyn said...

Tree Ocean,
You're welcome! I don't know what I said, but you're welcome! Scot Highland cattle are great! Better for cold weather. There's a farm near Tonia that has them. I was surprised about them being where it gets so warm.
I had an advantage w/ the weed. I've been poked by them. Had a good reason to look it up! It was the reason I wanted to get pigs. I'm just so glad that Tonia wanted them too!
Tonia is so easy to talk about the animals w/, because we want the same things from Our Farm!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!