Monday, September 15, 2008


I am hoping and praying for a much calmer week then last week!!! I could do with a little peace and everydayness! I have put the 2 milk goats out with eveyone else to see how they do with coming in to be milked... They did okay except I had to watch out for everyone else who thought they needed to come in too. But its wasn't to bad or stressful. My oldest DD is sick with a cold! The weather change got her! She is NOT a good patient!LOL Of course if she had put some socks and had a jacket on she might not be having the problem.. But her allergies triggered it some.

Breeding has become a priority to our goat buck!!! LOL He is very serious about his job right now. I think we will probably have a bunch of February babies! I don't always like having all babies at once but its fun to watch them all playing together. Next year we will be more set up to control breeding a little more and can go for March babies instead of February.. Of course last year I had January babies. The pic is from the last bunch of babies. I am ready for mommas to look like this and be laying around all big bellied!!

We have hay coming in tomorrow night so we are getting ready for that. I have to go check a few things out in town too. SO I hope everyone has a great day!


Evelyn said...

Wellll.... HAPPY Monday!

Hopefully the buck w/ mellow out soon & the ram won't get going till November or so!
Hope oldest DD feels better soon. I always remind my children that they should listen to their mother... lol. When I tell them to take a jacket & they won't, I remind them that I WILL feel free to say, "I told you so!" They usually remember their jacket after that!

tree ocean said...

Happy Monday!

LOL Evelyn!

Hope things are drying up over there in MO-I was just reading the news and they said it was awful! As if I couldn't tell by your driveway! :P

Peggy said...

I dread trimming hooves. It seems the goats know ahead of time and go off and hide. LOL