Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fences!?! Where?

I don't know if you can really see it but on either side of the green post is 2 big holes!! Courtesy of the lovely goats!!! They thought the gate being shut meant for them to make a new "gate" Goat style.. Its 2X4welded wire and will be replaced eventually but for now they use it for a free pass. I had always heard that it was the ideal wire for goats but Now Iam not sure? Its not a very heavy gauge I don't think it seems to bend real easy and the welds break too.

Poor little Caspian that got his horn broke off is doing okay. He had to have the rest of it cut off and it wasn't all the way broke. I hit the aorta that goes up in the horn and so then had to cauterize it!! Not fun and VERY VERY messy! Poor baby I felt so bad to have to do that but it had to be done.
The goats and sheep grazing this morning. Goats to the left and sheep to the right. They were laying down and you couldn't see them for the most part... I don't usually go by the old wives tells for oh its going to be a hard winter. Because the woolly worms are woollier or the persimmons have a certain shape in their seed. That is old wives tales. But when the weather cools off in August and doesn't heat back up to 90* before the middle of September and its only Sept. 10 and it got down in the 50*'s last night... Ummm something tells me that we are in for a cold winter!! Last year we tried reading the almanac to see how accurate it was. Do you know it hit every single snow and rain fall for 2 months!! So maybe I ought to go check it out....


Evelyn said...

Those sheep are such snobs. They won't mix w/ any other type of animal if there's a sheep to be with.

Snobby sheep!

I think stocking up on hay is a good idea. I looked at the almanac, but I don't remember what it said.

Evelyn said...

Ya know.... looking at that pix, I think your pasture looks much nicer than your neighbors. His is a monochromatic green,yours has lots of natural variation... Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Life of goats! I don't care for sheep that's why we sold them all back in 2002 I think.