Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy Day Yesterday!!

Started out at 5 am yesterday getting ready for the yard sale and getting chores done before people started showing up. Was done by 7am... I went out and about 10 minutes later 1st customer showed up... I would bet I didn't go 20 minutes the rest of the day till 5pm with out some one driving up. Apparently this is a good place to have a yard sale!! LOL The funniest thing was talking to all the people.. Met a neighbor down the road. She was nice and she had lived here in this area forever she said!! LOL

Then Kyle got home and we were butchering 3 sheep and 2 goats. I figured 45-minutes to an hour for each one and that's what it took 5 hours..... Boy were we tired!!! But I told him I know I am doing better with it because while I was looking at the stomachs and such I was thinking how hungry I was since I hadn't really ate all day!!! Then I started laughing about it... Some people wouldn't understand.. But it was cooler so not so smelly and it doesn't bother me as bad as when it smells! I was checking to see if there were any visible signs of parasites and I am happy to report I didn't see any visible signs!! We got that done and the carcasses in the freezer and they are on their way to the processors this morning.

I also messed up with the Daisy the cow! I had let her back out with everyone else to graze but kept the halter on well a burr worked its way under the halter right on her hose!! I feel soooo Bad!! I got the halter off and have to go put some wound salve on it. That'll be fun!! The pic isn't Daisy but Lana is sporting the reason for Daisies pain!! And a little poke berry juice!!LOL I don't care if Burdock Might taste good I don't like the stuff!! I hope the pigs get it ALL!

Right now I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep But the puppies have to go out.. Goats need milked and everything else taken care of.... Also a birthday party for the Twin DD. SO I need to clean and bake cake!! No one to help me either!! They have all run off!! Just kidding.. Girls are at Nana's and Kyle is working..

SO I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Evelyn said...

Horay for the great result on the garage sale! Did you get new customers for your milk, eggs & meat? W/ that much traffic by the farm, you should be able to sell everything you produce! That was a great marketing opportunity, I hope you took advantage of it.

Tonia said...

I think all I will have to do is stick a little sign at the end of the drive and I will have customers... Probably more then I will be able to handle!!

Evelyn said...

I'm surprised you haven't had people coming up the driveway asking if you have eggs or milk. Do they still stop in the road to watch the animals? I know people who used to, I bet you do to! :)

tree ocean said...

That was a very busy day! Cute cow!