Saturday, September 13, 2008

3rd Time's The Charm???

I don't think so NOT with goats!!! This is the third time I have tried to round everyone up to work them over and trim hooves and check them out!! It needs to be done way over due!!! So my oldest DD and I decide we can round them up. We get them going and she is in front with a bucket of grain and I am coming behind with a prod getting the slackers going... I thought oh we will get them in the barn and even though its suppose to rain we would still be able to do all that! WELL we get in sight of the middle gate and almost to a place where they can't run back to the top field and 2 go running back like we are killing them!!! I am trying to get them in the barn with a bale of HAY!!! YES I am EVIL!!! I got so tired and stressed I finally quit and gave up.. I am going out first thing in the morning and they WILL go to the barn!!! I don't care if I have to drag every last one!!! Yeah I know I wont be dragging 20 goats through 2 gates to the barn! I would wear out with the first one... But they will go!!!! The pic is one of them that kept heading back to the top field!!! She is being a big PILL!! Hopefully tomorrow they will go where I need them too!! Right now I am dreaming up ways to cook GOAT!!!


tree ocean said...

Oh how frustrating!!! Some mornings I get one that doesn't want to be tied for their grain and I think-you stupid goat!! But who would want to leave those lovely green pastures?!?!?Looks like Heaven!

Anonymous said...

It is frustrating, I know what you're going through Tonia, since it is the same way with our goats too.

Evelyn said...

Maybe start posting recipies in the barn for them to peruse at night? Or auction price reports? Or just do them in smaller groups?
Are they spending the night out? W/ the rain that's headed your way... aren't they going to want to be in the barn soon?