Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wake UP!

I guess these boys got tired of waiting for breakfast!! So they decided to really wake us up!! LOL
I only have 9 girls between the ages of 9 and 12 in the house right now!! What was I thinking???? Just kidding they aren't bad at all. Older ones though haven't made it outside yet. They are watching the same movie they watched last night!!! Oh how I remember those days...
The weather here has been absolutely wonderful!!! Mid 80's and not so much humidity! Wonderful for August!!! I am getting right under a gallon of milk now that the goat girls are settling in. Its great. I should have another freshening in November. So hopefully we will have milk year around this year!! Store bought milk does not appeal to us anymore at all! I have so much to do and I am getting behind but I wasn't feeling real well yesterday. I was gathering seeds and some fluff got to me and gave me a sinus headache that lasted for more then a day! Yuck!!! I finally got it to go away last night!
I am cleaning a house tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to buy some bunk beds for the girls with that money. Their new room is big but it would give them some more room if they had bunk beds. I haven't been able to find used ones though and I really don't want to buy brand new ones but we would have them for a long time. I am thinking about getting my oldest a loft bed to give her a little more room too. But it would be a while for that.
I still have boxes to unpack but nowhere to put the stuff til I get some more shelves too! I need some for the kitchen and some for our school room corner.
Everyone thinks they are hungry so I am getting off of here and going to fix something!!
Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

What a cute picture.

tree ocean said...

I have too many roosters but they don't bother me too's my dairy girls maaaaaaiiing..I call her Cricket..the Beau-ti-ful because she is so lovely but her yelling drives me nuts!!!

Glad your headache is gone!

I will have 5 in the house tomorrow-four of them boys! but they are fun kids...*knocks on wood*

tree ocean said...

is that dottie with triplets, or is she babysitting? great pic!