Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update On Last Entry

Injured goat is up and out today. He seems to be doing better. Its still splinted but he is hobbling around. He is out laying in the grass chewing his cud. And from what I know if they are chewing their cud they are fine for now.
The does in heat are calming down too!! Thank Goodness! They are grazing and not so interested in the big boy on the otherside of the fence!
We are possibly getting some Muscovy Ducklings Thursday... Not sure yet. I wanted to wait till spring but they are kind of hard to come by. If those dont work out there is always Jacob's Cave swap meet that I promised the kids we would go too this year......


Evelyn said...

Glad to hear that he's feeling better! Ducks!!! yeaaaaa! geeet those flies!!!

Anonymous said...

We have Muscovy ducks here Tonia, too many though, they produce well, LOL! Glad the wether is doing well.