Sunday, August 24, 2008

Three Little Pigs!

No I wont tell you the story!! But we did get 3 little pigs this weekend.

They are Red Wattle/Tamworth. Two gilts and barrow. I went to get them by myself and then started second guessing that decision when I got closer.. People thought my old house was out in the boonies well at least I had neighbors!! I passed it the first time and then I headed down the lane and got to a closed gate.... Well I don't just open gates and go on in!! That is dangerous!!! So I went back and made sure I had the right place and then back down and went through the gate. It was the right place. Shoooo! It was a real nice place. But it was soooo quiet!

Then when it came time to load the pigs he hands me a Hot Shot and says if they look like they are going to get me give them a shock!! All that was between me and those momma pigs was 2 LITTLE strands of electric fence that wasn't on! OH MY[ Now for a little background about me and pigs... I have always been a little intimidated by them... That's interpreted SCARED OUT OF MY MIND! We moved to a farm when I was 5 that had a few very large sows on it.. And they were scary and dangerous so my parents made sure we understood we were to stay away from them! ] So anyways He feeds the pigs some and starts looking to grab one and it went smooth. Then he grabs a second one and on the third it was not a charm. One momma started noticing what we were doing and was watching very closely! So we chased her back with the hotshot and grabbed third and final baby. Well she squealed and squealed got tangled in the fence and popped some of it off . But we were able to get her in the truck. No one else seemed to care after that. I was loaded paid for them and I was on my way. .

SO then I get home by myself... Girls are at Nana and Grampies for the weekend and Kyle is working a side job trying to get done. I back the truck in to where we are going to put the pigs and ran up to the house. When I get back to the truck they are piled up in the front of the truck bed looking at me like you Ain't getting us out!! I had to climb in with them and shoo them to the other end of the BIG S-10 truck bed!! And then when they got close to the edge I had to shove with my boot till they slide down the tailgate into the pen. They went right to eating!! After a few minutes I couldn't see them but all I heard was grunts, smacks and pig noises!!

This is Kyla and Kara in the pig pen looking for the pigs this afternoon. We would see the weeds move and then hear them and finally they came out so I could get the first pic! They are only about 50 pounds each right now. But I am thinking Ham, Bacon and Sausage. LOL. These pigs will be pastured fed and they are our experimental pigs.. Have a great day!


tree ocean said...

I know what you mean about pigs! My son won one in the pig scramble at the fair last summer-I had to lug it through the fairgrounds in an onion sack covered in pig poo!

Awesome pasture!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the piggies!

Evelyn said...

I think the girls looking for the pigs is a hoot! They'll have it eaten down soon enough & we'll be wishing we had more pig food!
But, get them used to coming when you call (because it means some milk or eggs or cookies of some sort. Then it should be OK for tem to be penned around some of the trees to get the burdock.
I think Ham, Bacon & Sausage are GREAT names!