Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sheep Wrangling!!!

We wrangled sheep today!! LOL I told my oldest she was sheep roadkill. One went completely over her and she was flat on her back on the floor of the barn!!What was so funny is the ones that wont let us get close once we caught them were fairly docile. The ones that do come up to us and eat out of our hands went nuts and one climbed up the front of me. I had the hoof mark to prove it!! I think that's the same one the ran my oldest girl over too! All in all it didn't take to long about 3 hours to get them all rounded up and the little boys out. We tagged the younger girls and checked eyes and and bellies. Some should be having babies sometime soon. My girls helped out big time. We all had jobs and everyone did them and it went smooth for working with animals.

We also got a new dog today! He is a great Pyrenees. His name is Bud. He is inst pure white but he has been with animals since he was a puppy. He has been introduced o the other 2 and is in the pen for the night. Sam goes Thursday to be neutered. He was suppose to be fixed but wasn't.... Picture is a little blurry it was getting dark in the barn and it didn't want to focus. He is added to our LGD's for the farm. SO we don't wear out the 2 dogs we have.

I am already feeling the effects of this mornings wrangling!! LOL I think I will head to bed!!


Anonymous said...

I remember those days of sheep wrangling when we raised sheep! Are those Khatadins? You'll love the Pyrenees, we lov eour 2!

tree ocean said...

Beautiful sheep and dog! What is an LDG?

Once I tried to help a sheep lady grab a loose ram, and I tried to tackle it on the way by. Ha! She ran up and caught it by a rear leg-she said to never grab the fleece. Oops.

That is one thing about working with horned goats-they make great handles!

The Lazy Dazer said...

Tell her not to feel badly, when I was trying to get close to them, w/ the processor, one of the Blackbellies launched off my head & right shoulder! She got me from behind, MAN did that hurt!!!
Is she road kill instead of a Guinea now? ]:)
I know they'll all be nice & tame by the time I get back there again!!!