Sunday, August 31, 2008


Okay I have gotten friendly with my food on hoof before but these guys are just tooo funny. I went out earlier and when I got to the first gate I started talking to the dog and the pigs heard and Jumped up and came flying over to the fence making all kinds of racket and Then when they saaw the bowl in my hand they got to pushing each other back and forth trying to be the one closest to me to get the Food FIRST!!! So I dropped a few bunches of grapes over the side and they went nuts.. So then I took what was left and flung it over and they attacked it!! I have to move the panels over tomorrow. It seems to be right now about ever 2-3 days to move them. Which isnt to bad for now. I know they will eat more eventually but right now its working great!!

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Evelyn said...

Great to hear the pigs are doing well.... we need pix here! lol