Sunday, August 31, 2008

Personal Request.....Hurricane Gustav

I have family that live about 80 miles from NewOrleans outside of Baton Rouge La. They are pretty nervous and had even considered coming up here for a few days. They have moved to a safer house as they live in a mobile home. They went through Katrina and Rita and they are nervous about this one.... Just remember them please....... My 2 uncles and their families.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for your family Tonia!

Evelyn said...

Prayers for them, but remember... the hurricane seasons are only got to get worse for the next few years. That's why I didn't buy a farm down there. I looked & really did want to buy whee it wasn't so cold. But all indicators were that things were going to get real bad down there, hurricane wise. That's why I bought north.
I'd advise anyone living in hurricane country to sell; while they still can.

tree ocean said...

wishing them safe haven!