Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Milking Rooster???

One of the roosters destined for the freezer has tried to make himself inconspicuous by staying in the barn with the Milking goats!!! LOL He roosts in there at night and usually in the morning he is up on the top of the milk stand. Well today he decides to climb up my back and roost on MY HEAD!!! All while I am trying to milk! I flung him off and he looked Highly offended.LOL So he jumps up beside me and goes to the far side and starts eating grain from the bucket that April was eating out of while I was milking!! He is so funny he lets you pet him.. All trying to get on our good side so he doesn't have the same fate as the rest of the wild ones around here!?!

I may have to keep the barn roo! I promise I won't keep all who try to endear themselves to me!! He is fly control in the barn... right? LOL

Cayenne the wether is doing well. I am getting ready to go retape him up. On one goat forum they said they recover well most of the time as long as you keep it splinted which I am doing...

I am hoping to get the ducks tomorrow. If they hatch to many then some will go the way of the rest of the "surplus" animals and the main reason for the farm... One of my girls was Extremely excited by that possibility! She had Duck one time and has been bugging me ever since to buy one to cook.. But those things are NOT cheap.. Its like steak here at the house...very rare! LOL
Bud the Great Pyrenees is tied out with some of the goats today to see how he will do. So keeping my fingers crossed!! He has been good out in the corral and so I am trying him by the goats and then I plan on gathering all the goats in the corral and putting him on a leash with me and eventually letting him loose in the corral with me there and then eventually y himself with me at a distance where I can see what he is doing but he thinks he is on his own...That's my plan anyway.. We will see how it goes!
The pigs are finding every little hole in the pen!! So I had to take it down to a few panels and then I am going to move them around inside the paddock. Then I am going to use them to till the garden spot.I was reading about it on a website last night and it describe using them like that and it was exactly what I had in mind...
That's all I have for today. Got things to do! Have a good day all!


Anonymous said...

LOL and gorgeous picture!

tree ocean said...

ha! Well, I have six roosters!!!!They are not mean, though, and my son takes care of the poultry. We usually sleep through them, butI slept poorly last night, waking several times, once to the loud roosters roosting on the trees on two house corners...I thought, the neighbors must love that!

LOL @ pigs-yeah, I went through that last year, and a hot wire did NOT stop him. I finally had to house him and then sell him.

If I get a hurt goat leg I am coming straight to you for advice! Sounds like you are doing a great job!

tree ocean said...

write down this name: Malwarebyte's anti malware. If your comp goes down, go to the library and google it and then download it to a disc or flash drive and then put it on your comp. It took off the worst ones for me. Lucky I have a second comp I was able to download it and transfer it. (my scans were clean too and this came up with a huge number)new bugs...:(

cre82learn said...

It's so nice to check out your blog!! I am going to keep coming back and learning from you. I am anxious to get started now. Come check out my blogs sometime (not EA - I'm barely over there) Friendship Alley and Homeschool HomeEc.