Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lap Dogs & Big Dogs

This is Tink(most black) and Belle(black & white). I never thought I would have lap dogs!! LOL I always liked big dogs. But I saw some like these guys and I just thought he was so cute and he liked me. They said they had 2 litters just like him! So we got them and for free too!They usually cost around $50-100 with out papers around here! Tink is a Shitzu/poodle cross and Belle is a Shitzu/Lhasa apso cross. They are so cute. I cant stay mad at them for long either!! LOL They have house trained fairly well too. They are only about 2-3 pounds in the pic and they are now closer to 7-8 pounds now. Tink has attitude and Belle is more timid. They are fun!!
I thought I had lost the big dogs today too. Last night was a full moon and they were busy all night and this morning I couldn't find them anywhere!! I hollered and hollered I drove up and down the road thinking they may have decided to take care of the barking pound up the road but no luck!! I get back to the house and send Candice down to the barn for something and she said there they were laying in the barn!! Stinkers!! Had me all worried!!!
I am getting more eggs!! I am up to 6 a day and they lay all in one spot!!! Some are pullets because they are odd shaped and small. I counted up and I have around 40 hens out there now depending on some of my silkies and what they are. I am so glad we are getting eggs again I wasn't even going to buy store bought!! LOL They are just to pale and tasteless!! I would rather do with out then eat those!! We have become quite spoiled to homegrown milk and eggs!!! That's a good thing I think!!Even though the goats did get a hold of a strong tasting weed the other day! But it was only one milking affected!! Shooo!
That's all I have I am soooo tired lately!! I guess the moving and getting adjusted is wearing me down. I am going to bed early tonight!! Have a great night all!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture.

tree ocean said...

aw they are so cute! I saw a min pin (mini dobie) the other day that was sooo cute! I think my cats would eat it, though. LOL.

I just realized there are only two babies in the title pic-I made a triplet comment. The brown head on the pinto one threw me..cute pic.

I was just talking about how my dogs used to take off and after mepanicking(once driving around the neighborhood making inquiries) they would be found sleeping it off...jeez, I don't dare let this one off the leash !

What do you have for big dogs? Oh-are they the farm dogs?