Saturday, August 9, 2008

An Introduction

I am a 33 yr old mom to 3 girls whom we homeschool. I have been married for 13 yrs and I love him so much!! We live on a farm and are managing it for a friend Our animals include 8 goats for milk and meat, 98 chickens for meat and eggs, 1 horse, 2 turtles,2 lizards and 2 lap dogs! We care for in addition to our animals 16 goats,20 sheep,2 horses, 2 LGD's and 12 dexter cattle. This is a new adventure for us and hopefully a long one. I hope to use this blog for posting about the farm and what is going on here. We are CNG(Certified Naturally Grown) We use no chemicals and no pesticides. I am hoping to get to where I buy very little from the grocery stores because it has gotten so scary. You never know when the next recall is going to happen and what it will affect! I am looking forward to blogging here. Have a great day!~

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