Monday, August 25, 2008

Injured Goat & Annoying Goats!!!

One of the wethers either got stepped on or tangled up and hurt his leg.. I have him in with the Dairy goats up by the house and he is hobbling around fairly well the swelling went down since yesterday. I have it splinted too. I don't know if its broke or what. Its kind of wait and see right now.
I normally am Very attached to Sunshine the first milk goat I got!! But She has come in the first heat and is SOOOOO annoying!!! If she isn't hollering at the buck she is hollering at the lights on in the house or us in the yard!! Good thing its only every 18-21 days!! Hmmm Maybe I wont try milking her through!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your wether and I know all about those does in heat!

Evelyn said...

Poor baby! Here's hoping he's OK!

tree ocean said...

sorry to hear about your guy-glad he is feeling better!