Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know you are probably wondering why I took a picture of a dead flower. Well I have to tell you what my smart self did! LOL My youngest daughter has problems with swimmer's ear so she uses this oil that is made from Mullein flowers. Its rather expensive for a little bottle so I was looking at making it for myself. I only had the little flowers on the bottle to identify and so thought it didn't grow here..... LOL Well so I ordered some seeds from a place online. It was $3 for a little tiny pack! At the same time we were getting ready to move and there was these huge "weeds" growing here at the new place. Locally called Lamb's Ear because the leaves are so soft.
So I finally decided I needed to look up and see Exactly what Mullein flowers look like so when my seeds started growing I would know what to look for! SO low and behold the picture loaded and there was the "Lamb's Ear" from my yard!!! LOL I paid $3 for a little tiny pack of seeds and have a million more right at my fingertips!!! Better for it because the wild flowers are better to have....Maybe I should sell the seeds for $3!!!! So I have my own and already have a small bottle of oil started! You can also dig up the root and use it. At least it was just $3 and not more. From now on I look at a picture before I buy!!

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tree ocean said...

Do you use the seeds for the oil? If you have so much you can google uses for mullein and then make the product! Another avena botanicals !( a popular medicinal herb supplier up here in Maine)