Sunday, August 10, 2008


Its the end of the weekend and boy did it go fast!!! That's what happens when you get busy. Friday we went to the zoo with my MIL she was donating some albino hedge hogs. We got in free to the zoo for the day. We had a good time. Then we had company that night for supper. I felt bad because I thought I wasn't very lively company after being in Springfield all day and at the zoo. But company said I was fine. LOL

Saturday we were at the county courthouse. My great-grandfather planted a tree there and they were trimming and as a type of community service his descendants were there helping to remove the branches and stuff. After that we were just around the house. We had a lazy day. We really haven't had one since we got moved. This next week we have to finish unpacking the last few boxes. I still need bunk beds and some shelves but other then that I am about settled... Sort of! I have a backroom to organize too. Its full of boxes that are mostly empty but they are there and need to be done away with... Whewww Moving is a job!

It will all get put in its place eventually!! The pic is the youngest LGD here, he is 9 months old and as big as his mother and still has some growing to do. His name is Sam! Good Night!


tree ocean said...

Hi!!I am so glad to have another friend on blogger!!Yah!!!

That is a lot of critters!! I see you cut back on your herd! Good for you-I am feeding 11 after an oops last fall gave me another one-but at least a doe this time!

What do you think of those Dexters?

Do you, like most people, think sheep are stupid? LOL I think they are cute but pretty dumb. We saw a sheepdog demonstration this summer with sheep and goats, and the dogs could herd the goats, but they were a lot harder than sheep!

Sounds like a great set up for you all with the girls able to help and probably Kyle does some work there, too.

Cool story about the tree trimming-and I wish Maine had a zoo. We have a wildlife park.

tree ocean said...

I meant, like most GOAT