Monday, August 11, 2008


The chickens have finally started laying again!! Okay I got 1 egg yesterday! But that's more then I have been getting! Which was Nothing!! The move threw some into molting but not to bad.I have separated The hens from the roos except for my big rooster and the babies. My poor hens where all going bare! But feathers are coming back and I have upped the feed and even added some cat food in there to help with the protein. I was able to put the silkies in there today and the 2 older hens headed for a dust hole and started rolling and clucking! It was hilarious!! Hopefully the eggs will start rolling in!! I have people who want some but no eggs to supply!

The goats are starting to give a little more milk! I am getting close to a gallon from 2. Which it had dropped almost nothing with the move! So that is a good thing. They have more room here and some of them are out with the main herd.

The picture is from earlier this year with most of my goat

babies out and about! They are just so adorable!!! I love the babies! I have to get something done now!! Have a great day!

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tree ocean said...

Your dottie looks so much like my moonshadow! I will have to post a pic of him for you.

If I had a truck I would have hauled all mine to the auction today! They got out last night and I sent my son out to graze them while I fixed the fence-but they weren't hungry!!! Except for my houseplants out on the deck!!!And the hay under the tarp, and the empty grain dishes....They kept trying to "help" me while my dairy girl stood there two feet away maaaaaing-aaagghhhhh! The whole neighborhood must have heard me yelling at them, I was sooooo mad!!!LOL