Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cows Do We Look Pregnant???

One rooster out doing his job!!! Keep scratching Boys!! Spread that stuff out and Get those BUGS. I went out to move the cows into another pasture today. I also took pics of a few as they are looking a little fat I mean pregnant!!! This is Nina with last year's baby who she of course has weaned off but she still sticks to momma.

This is Aleta who I think is looking a little chunky too! She was looking for the treats we used to get them through the gate. This is Lana it will be her first baby. She has just recently started showing.So it may be a while.

I haven't been around miniature cows at all only big ones. These guys and gals have really sweetened me up to cows!! LOl they are just so sweet and I am hoping to milk one or two.. Mmmmm Butter!!!

The picture below is Daisy. She is one of the cows I am going to try and milk. She is the friendliest one so far. Comes right up to me and demands her treat for being so nice and coming when I called!!!


tree ocean said...


Evelyn said...

You sure that's Lana & not ht eLegacy cow? The Legacy is 10 yrs old & you can tell by her teats that she's had babies. She's Roasts mama, but he's a wide ranger... he was always wandering off & getting lost!
More babies means more beef!!! We need that!

Tonia said...

Nope thats Lana I checked the eartag to be sure. Aleta is the Legacy cow and she is the second pic.