Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy Day!!

The pic is some of the fence we got done today! It is so green for August!

First off I had a stupid moment!!! The dog that was suppose to be fixed and I thought he wasn't. I wrestled him into the truck while he was chewing the chain trying to get loose. I got him over to the vet and she went ahead and gave him a shot because he was so stressed out.. I got home and she called and said Um Sam is neutered!!!.... SO she cleaned him up and checked him for parasites. He needed wormed!! The vet assured me that I made a very common mistake and showed me what I saw!! LOL mark one up for me!! I am soo smart. See him laughing at me!!!

We worked on the fence today... I say we it was really my husband!! He got alot done there is just probably another 4 hours work left to do.. I guess.. I am not good at looking and seeing what needs done fencing is not my specialty!! LOL

We got a new LGD to add to the 2 we have but I don't think he is going to work out like the other 2. He was chasing the goats 3 times and he grabbed a chicken. He also tried to challenge one of the cows.. Which they all have horns I wouldn't mess with them if I was him!! He has a week to prove himself other wise he will have to find a new home.. I got these dogs for protection not to have to protect from them! He is very friendly towards us just not at all what they said for the animals.

It was a busy day but productive! I like those days!!

I go to get pigs this weekend!! Don't that sound like fun?!The are Red Wattle & Tamworth/Hampshire crosses. We are trying different breeds to see which one we like better before we decide of we are going to raise them too. We will have Bacon, Ham and Sausage!!LOL

I am up to 10 eggs a day now!! YEAH The frig is now full of eggs and Milk. I am just milking 2 goats to have enough for us. I am going to see if Sunshine will milk through this year. I haven't ever done that but we are going to try it! I have one goat girl really showing. She probably has at least another month though if not 6 weeks. I am hoping she was bred by my Nubian buck before he left and that she has Girls so I can save one more to milk .Everyone else was bred by the Kiko cross buck out here. It looks like we will have a bunch of November babies too! and December and January.... Brrr I need to look for more winter clothes!!

That is it for tonight Have a good one all!


Evelyn said...

Good to see the fencing getting done! Keep the goats out of the neighbors alfalfa! I'll be so glad when that fencing is finished! It's not much & the ground is soft from the rain. Easy to pound posts. Poor guy tho, out working in the rain! I hate working in the rain, I'd rather fish. Sit w/ a big umbrella & fish. Light rain makes the fish bite!

Evelyn said...

I just took a good look at that pix, in large format. That's the curve! That's the hard part! He's almost done!!! YEAAAAAA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL at your common mistake,we did that with a cat to be neutered and when we went to pick up the cat they said um it's a girl not a boy, LOL, she has long hair though so it was hard to tell the sex. Sorry the LGD isn't going to work.