Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Day!!

Our chicken house has been delivered!!! Now some people might think we are crazy... Kyle would be the first to say I need to be commited! But its an 18 ft travel trailer older one of course. But it will have electric in it for winter and water tank too. It will be insulated also. It has water tanks too. We will gut it and put in roost and nest boxes and do a few other things and then it will be pulled around the field for free ranging chickens!

I got up this morning and went out to do chores my little guinea hen daughter came flying up saying the pigs were out with the goats!!! Well pigs are MUCH easier to train then goats!! LOL Being Sooo unpicky about food they eat!! Goats have to be persuaded. Pigs I open the gate and they run in!LOL And then turn around as if to say Wheres the Food?!?! I added another panel and moved them today they were happily munching on Ragweed when I left them!! DEATH TO RAGWEED!! Hahaha Okay that was a bit much but Ragweed and I dont see Eye to eye simply because it makes me sneeze and eyes itch and skin itches and makes me want to claw my face off!! I am a bit allergic to it..... As they were eating you could see puffs of pollen going up! Yuck!

So I have the sheep and the goats in the corral to get use to Bud. The horses got back in the bottom when we were moving the goats and I havent been able to get them back where they go yet. All well I will tonight. Kyle does better with them!


Anonymous said...

LOL about the piggies!

tree ocean said...

a few years ago here I went on a Ragweed eradication program, viscously handpulling every bit I found around the house. Now if I could just be rid of the wild lettuce and this viny stuff I call razorweed, due to the teeth on the vine..and don't forget the sticky black hitchiker seed plants...LOL. yeah, it was a good year for weeds-and slugs.